Series 6 - Mr. Custa and the Tree from Outer Space

Rogue android Panseyvet Weedle and Rich Bonus plan to take over the World's garden centres by introducing them to the flora and fauna of their home planet Solydon. But can Mr. Custa stop them? He's still stuck on the M25...

6.1 Enemies of the Earth

6.2 The Hand of Feindship

6.3 Sluggy Slither

6.4 Supermarket Creeps

Radio Credits

Mr. Custa - Mathew Cobb
Sia - Sara Beamish
Brok - Aaron Nicholas-Wood
Fly / Two-Horns / Panseyvet Weedle - Philip Whitmore
Rich Bonus - Michael Skywood Clifford
Tryllisia - Felicity Mayor
Kimalong and Fradinoot - Jamie Jordan
Marzipandle - Jenii Lowe
Leafy Tree / Security Guard - Lee Bannister
Announcer - Lee Bannister
Music - AKM copyright free music
Mr. Custa Theme - Michael Skywood Clifford
Writer - Michael Skywood Clifford
Creator and Producer - Philip Whitmore
Director - Philip Whitmore
101.8 WCR FM 2009