Series 5 - Mr. Custa and the Ice Palace

The sinister Ice Palace stands atop a lofty peak. And when Mr. Custa and his crew get stranded in the snow after trying to locate Sunny Paradiso, they have no choice but to seek sanctuary. Once there, its monsters, monsters, monsters all the way. And there's even a lizard girl who looks very much like Sia. Could they be at all related...?

5.1 Snow Joke

5.2 The Bear Necessities

5.3 Ti for Two

5.4 Here be Dragons

5.5 Dr. Fox's Cunning Plan

5.6 Meltdown

5.7 Uniyeer Two

Radio Credits

Mr. Custa - Mathew Cobb
Sia - Sara Beamish
Brok - Aaron Nicholas-Wood
Fly / Snot / B'larg - Philip Whitmore
Dr Fox - Paul Clarke
Ti / Female Hiker - Jenii Lowe
Announcer - Lee Bannister
Music - AKM copyright free music
Mr. Custa Theme - Michael Skywood Clifford
Creator, Writer and Producer - Philip Whitmore
Director - Philip Whitmore
101.8 WCR FM 2009