Series 18 - Mr. Custa and the Unreal World

Sia's learning to become a witch. Which witch is which, nobody knows. Then a magic door magically appears in the town centre, which leads to a strange and peculiar world, where it seems anything can happen. And does. Can Mr Custa find a way out?

18.1 The Magic Hour

18.2 Mind Warp

18.3 Demons in the Darkness

18.4 No Way Out

Radio Credits

Mr. Custa - Mathew Cobb
Sia - Sara Beamish
Brok - Aaron Nicholas-Wood
Fly / The Imp / Hornspluckle Throat Remover - Philip Whitmore
Announcer - Lee Bannister
Mr. Custa Theme - Michael Skywood Clifford
Writer - Philip Whitmore
Creator and Producer - Philip Whitmore
Director - Philip Whitmore
Music - AKM copyright Free Music
101.8 WCR FM 2010