Series 15 - Mr. Custa and See No Evil

Whatever happened to Dr Fox? Well, we're about to find out- as reports of funny looking creatures popping out of the ground and eating people excites Mr Custa enough to spring into action. Against the backdrop of a futuristic parallel China Town, Mr Custa must do battle with foes past and present...

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Radio Credits

Mr. Custa - Mathew Cobb
Sia - Sara Beamish
Brok - Aaron Nicholas-Wood
Fly / Snot / Sight Seer / Android / Maggot - Philip Whitmore
Mitch Moody - Michael Roche
Dr Fox - Paul Clarke
Major Jump - Fred White
Announcer - Lee Bannister
Mr. Custa Theme - Michael Skywood Clifford
Writer - Philip Whitmore
Creator and Producer - Philip Whitmore
Director - Philip Whitmore
Music - AKM copyright Free Music
101.8 WCR FM 2010