Series 14 - Mr. Custa and the Dancing Ray

Dancing has been made illegal, and Sia the tribal lizard girl is well miffed. Plus its bad news for Mr Custa's rock career, as he's going to have to do it almost part-time, and with nobody dancing to his music. Salvation lies with a being known as the Lord of the Dance. Is he really as evil as Mr Custa thinks?

14.1 Dancing is now Forbidden

14.2 Lifting the Ban

14.3 Mr Custa Dances

14.4 Everybody Conga

Radio Credits

Mr. Custa - Mathew Cobb
Sia - Sara Beamish
Brok - Aaron Nicholas-Wood
Fly / Bouncer 2 - Philip Whitmore
Miss Stake - Felicity Mayor
Bouncer 1 - Lee Bannister
The Lord of the Dance - Tom Savage
Announcer - Lee Bannister
Mr. Custa Theme - Michael Skywood Clifford
Writer - Philip Whitmore
Creator and Producer - Philip Whitmore
Director - Philip Whitmore
Music - AKM copyright Free Music
101.8 WCR FM 2010